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Ms. Blu

“I had a really good time this summer. It was a blessing to get to know all these lovely little ladies. In the beginning I don’t think that they understood exactly how difficult it is to sew a straight line. That is mainly because fashion is so readily available here. As they started to get better, it is impressive how they’ve progressively got better, their patience had changed and their dedication.

There was one moment during the program when I felt really bad because one student wanted to make an amazing Oscar carpet dress and she was so down that she couldn’t make it. And I know how that feels because when I was a beginner designer I had a lot of that, but when she made the dress I think she understood her limitations better.

One of the students who went on vacation two days before the program finished came to the shop at 8 p.m. and finished at 10 p.m. Before she left she said “I want to wear my dress on vacation.” I was very impressed by her level of dedication to excellence. I’m really happy to be teaching kids how to sew because it really gives them perspective on the work that goes into the things they wear.”


Ms. Dahlia

“At the beginning of the program I was excited. I was a little nervous about the time, because I wasn’t sure if we could get everything done. The students were enthusiastic from the beginning. The first project really engages the students. They could be creative and express themselves with embellishments. I was excited to have a waiting list, to know that this program was a need in this school and the kids were eager to try it.

We had a lot of different age groups- seniors and younger students working together. Their personality traits really came out a lot as far as how they work and their work ethic. I got to know who they were by the fabric store [field trip.] I remember Blu and I talking about how their patience changed. I was impressed by that. There’s nothing more beautiful than the pride they have when they finish.

Taking into account that this is a skill, the students can decide if they want to buy their clothes; they can make clothes themselves if they want to.”



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