Designer Profiles


Tanae Spruill

Tanae Spruill does not intend to surprise with her designs and is not trying to show off, but it is obvious from her finished projects that her work is of a higher quality than she lets on. She is straightforward- she likes clothes and the different styles that people have. A few years ago she had to wear a uniform to school everyday; now she is free to choose her school outfit each day and she is appreciating being able to dress how she wants by paying attention to matching and honing a more colorful and less simplistic look.

Sewing might not come naturally to Tanae, but she works hard and that makes it work in the long run. She is learning not to give up as easily. Although she felt differently when working on her first cosmetics bag, after she finished this project she realized she likes the lavender cosmetics bag with three hearts on the front and a flower on the side.

She is original and has all but invented her own personal brand with her projects that frequently employ floral and lace, and have the same elegant feel.

Tanae has a lot of personality and brought a lot of fun to the class. She tells jokes and is very social, and as she became more interested in her work she grew more focused without losing any of her ability to make learning fun for everyone in the room.

Danee Mcnatte

Danee Mcnatte has a style that is best be described as a kind of country-influenced, new old-school look. She likes to try something different, but doesn’t go for over-the-top crazy fashion.

When looking for inspiration, Danee listens to many types of music, which makes sense- she likes to dress many different kinds of ways. The personal style that can be noted in her work mixes an antique, Victorian feel with the fresh looks of her favorite designers and stores. Usually she doesn’t choose bright colors and she is never boring. She likes stuff that stands out just enough without being gaudy.

Danee pays close attention to detail, and does not cut corners. If a stitch has not come out the way she intended, she will take it out and try it again. If it still doesn’t work, she will do it a third time, and then a fourth and so on until she is satisfied. She is concerned about quality much more than time. As a result of her persistence, Danee’s work is nearly flawless.

In much the same way that her influences cover a wide range of styles, Danee’s aspirations are also varied. There are a lot of things she would like to do, and she frequently changes her mind. This fashion program has allowed her to gain experience working with a passion that, while her inspirations fluctuate, is likely to be a lifelong interest. She would like to take more designer classes, and her teachers at Breakfree Design Group feel that has the potential to be a good assistant teacher to help out new students.


Alexis Stokes

Alexis Stokes likes the beach and stripes. Her work is at times influenced by a pin-up girl style, other times she uses the American uniform of the WWII era as an influence. She is diligent and takes her time without becoming stressed. She pays close attention to detail and doesn’t complain. She does what she has to do.

She finds correcting mistakes to be very challenging, but does not let this stop her. The most enjoyable aspect of design for her is picking out what fabrics to put together. In agreement with her interest in uniform style, her favorite colors to find new ways to combine are red, white and blue.

Alexis does not hide her influences, but she is confident to be different. Unlike many of her peers, Alexis chose to add sleeves, as well as a trim, on the sundress she made. She likes to take a classic design and add embellishments that change the look to suit her.

As far back as she can remember Alexis has liked sewing, yet for a long time she didn’t know how to sew. She spent a lot of time watching her mom sew but didn’t feel confident enough to try making something herself. When she was younger she loved going to fabric stores, picking out patterns, and then watching the sewing machines; she still does, but maybe more now that she can make her designs her self.


Jamonnie Wheller

It may be hard to picture, but Jamonnie Wheller hasn’t always had the refined style she does today. While she is never seen in sneakers these days, a few years ago she wore dressed exclusively for comfort in what she hesitantly refers to as a tomboy style. She grew out of that look, and now has a real eye for high style.

Fashion design is Jamonnie’s career of choice. She is determined to be successful, and her dedication pushes her through the difficulties of learning to effectively sew clothing. Although her grandmother once unsuccessfully tried to teach her sewing, she learned in this summer’s program and is becoming a competent designer.

The teachers at Breakfree Design Group think that Jamonnie could easily become a stylist, because of her intuitive understanding. Jamonnie knows exactly how she wants her clothing to look and came prepared to the program with a sketch of her vision of a dress. She occasionally struggles but recognizes that sometimes you have to start slow and work toward an advanced level when learning a new skill.

Favoring neutral color and bold accessories, Jamonnie has a very mature look. She doesn’t go for bright colors, but she spices up her designs with embellishments like the feathers she wears in her straight brown hair. One thing is sure, she does not want to compromise her classic, universal style, no matter how much it takes.


Brielle Pierce

Brielle Pierce is open-minded, thoughtful and eager to create. Like many of the students, this program marks her first time at a sewing machine. She keeps busy and is perpetually attempting to improve her already impressive work, but she is not one to gloat. She has thought about her reasons for learning design, and concluded that she would rather make her own clothing than rely on others who may not have the same vision as her.

Brielle’s projects reflect on her open-minded personality, and her designs shine with bright colors and unique patterns. She is not afraid to mix and match using bold patterns with plain colors.

As for the construction of her designs, Brielle finds that putting the fabrics together is a challenge. Sewing is an easy task for her, but prepping to sew (i.e. measuring, cutting and pinning) takes some effort. Still, she enjoys the challenge and can picture herself making many more designs with many more materials.

When Brielle works, she thinks of who might wear her product, and is inspired by imagining how celebrities wear original designs. She thinks of how Rihanna has the confidence to take risks while being in the spotlight, and imagines she could make the designs that such an interesting person would wear.


Tymaira Berry

The Breakfree Summer Design Program permitted Tymaira Berry to touch a sewing machine for the first time, and she has come to like using this apparatus. She always has a smile on her face and is a positive person who is willing to work and interested in a challenge.

Tymaira generally favors a traditional style. When choosing fabric colors, she tends to go for blue, purple, pink, gray or black, although her colors and designs are influenced by her moods, so it depends on the day. For example, on her first day she used a lot of orange because she was excited, although she normally doesn’t use orange.

Tymaira is at ease learning how to make clothing and accessories. The technical aspects of designing come easy for her. She knows what she likes and she makes use of this confidence.

Having already received some requests for hand-made products, Tymaira will continue to sew in the future, and is sure that she will be putting her grandmother’s sewing machine to use after she finishes the program.


Shautel Bowman

Shautel Bowman likes to be outside. She adores the beach and likes to go to the park with her friends. Her favorite season is summer. It comes as no surprise that Shautel’s interest in the outdoors has had an influence on her design work. She favors bright colored fabrics and flower patterns and recently completed a messenger bag with floral patterns that alternate with solid vibrant colors. Shautel sometimes thinks of the beach while working on a project. She hopes that in the future she will be able to make clothing for others, and she appreciates what she is learning from Breakfree Design Group, such as how to thread a sewing machine and different types of stitches. Before this program she had sewn a simple apron, but had little experience with this skill.


Chaliya Speach

Chaliya Speach is a fan of bright colors, buttons and animal prints. She likes designing clothing and has her own idea of how she wants to dress herself. She wants to create clothing that is true to the way she envisions her style. Along with using animal prints, which she feels gives her work an edgy look that reflects on her edgy personality, she likes to take boys’ styles and transform them to girls’ style.

Chaliya has just finished her triangle clutch, to which she added an animal print. She used a solid color to even out the animal print and chose this design to make her clutch stand out. She picked gold buttons because she thinks they compliment the fabrics.

Before starting the program, Chaliya could sew by hand but had never used a sewing machine. She feels confident in her improvement, and would like one day, when she has her own career, to sew on the side as an additional source of income. She’d like to be able to make handbags and clothing for other people and, with the feeling that she is becoming a competent seamstress because of what she’s learned, she thinks this is possible.


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